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As a newbie, it is rather a difficult task to show your music talent across the major platforms. The artists struggle hard to get a chance to show off their creativity and music talents can be shown to the masses, because it is useful for getting recognition and earning money. With the rapid advancements in technology and digital media, it can be done easily.

Each artist desires that their music is streamed on big music service providers like Spotify. But it is a challenging task to find online music distributors, who can help you in this search.

But do not get disheartened MusicDigi is of immense support in this regard. It is a digital music distribution service that helps the artists to hear their music on major platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and many more.

How MusicDigi Can Help Musicians To Distribute Music Online

MusiDigi Works as a middleman between the artists and large companies like iTunes, Spotify, etc. Signup is required to distribute the music worldwide and to the service providers.

The music artists can relax and sit back, and collect a sufficient amount of money from their music sales. It is a good source for making monthly income. It offers convenience to the artist, as they do not have to struggle hard to release their music.

 Music Distribution With MusicDigi

The music artist has to make an account on MusicDigi so that the music is released on the big services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.. After this, a release is made by the artist which comprises of a cover art and audio release and finally, the price is fixed for the music.

The steps are very simple. In this way, your music gets entry into many stores and you start getting the royalties for the same. The unnecessary hassles of running too many distribution companies are avoided.

MusicDigi as a digital distribution service assists you in getting recognition worldwide. It offers you the additional advantage, and you are not supposed to give your earnings to it which is earned through music sales.

An only one-time fee is paid to upload your albums and music is published on all the important sites. When your music is used on other platforms like Youtube, you earn extra money for the same.

Endless Possibilities With MusicDigi To Publish Your Music Worldwide

Many tasks need to be done before your music gets fame and recognition. MusicDigi takes care of the same. It handles all the difficult processes which do not allow us to start. There is ample scope for artists to access free marketing tools.

Working hard for getting perfection is the best way to achieve success. Good music skills add popularity to the same. So selling music online is one of the best strategies to gain fame.


MusicDigi is the best digital music distribution service that offers a good platform for distributing your music worldwide. You can avail this opportunity by signing up for MusicDigi. There are many possibilities for you to gain recognition, in the world’s largest streaming services when you make use of MusicDigi.