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Migration of the business data to the cloud is one of the popularly used ways by businesses. With this process, you can move the data, business components and applications from the on-premises infrastructure of the business to the cloud. This service can also be used to migrate the data between different cloud platforms.

How secure is the Cloud?

IT decision-makers assure businesses about the security of cloud services. Without the right level of advanced technology, and planning, cloud-based platforms can be dangerous as the current enterprise systems. The cloud framework work with existing on-premise investments in a private, public and hybrid cloud model.

Romex Soft is a reputed service provider of AWS cloud migration services. The assistance of this specialized AWS consulting partner will assist in adapting the safety layers as per the needs of the business. When you choose an experienced AWS consulting firm, they help you realize your vision of business migration with utmost accuracy and effectiveness.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Migration

Migration of the on-premise data to Cloud provides a lot of benefits to users. Here are some of the advantages of cloud migration:

  • Modernize existing IT asset base
  • Prepare a business for future requirements
  • Reduce the costs of infrastructure
  • Enhance Business Agility
  • Helps to recover from disaster
  • Offer high-end security

What are the ways to migrate your existing server to AWS Cloud?

Migration of your current application to the AWS cloud requires three basic steps.

  • Prior to Migration,
  • Through Migration, and
  • After Migration

Before AWS Migration

At this stage, you need to understand the objective of migration of your business to the cloud. If your business is expanding and high traffic makes your website slow, then you need to choose private or public cloud.

Also focus on staff training, so that it ensures a smoother transition. Hire knowledgeable team of consultants before making an enterprise-wide decision to enhance your IT asset. Invest in the best agile methodology and project management framework.

During Migration to AWS

Before you move to the cloud migration process, here are a few areas that need to be considered by every business.

  • Planning
  • Assessment
  • Migration Tools
  • Migration Strategies
  • AWS Cloud Storage Choices
  • Application Migration Choices

What are the different Application Migration Options available?

The different types of application migration alternatives available to people:

  • Live Migration
  • Host Cloning
  • Data Migration
  • App Containerization
  • VM Conversion

After Migration Stage

  • Leverage the Cloud

Once you migrate your application, you should not forget to execute the necessary tests and ensure everything is at the place.

  • Leverage “AWS Enterprise “assistance

Leverage AWS services such as CloudFront, Elastic MapReduce, and Auto Scaling Service.

  • Evaluate and Optimize

Understand -> Monitor -> Examine -> Observe is the strategy to learn about the load patterns as well as effectively manage it.


Cloud is one of the fast-progressing technologies among corporate firms. This is because of the various benefits cloud platform offer to the people. Scalability, flexibility, security, and affordability make it a wise decision for businesses of medium to high-level size.