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Due to increasing security concerns in the present age society, the need for outdoor and indoor security has increased. To get the best benefit from these systems, you need to decide on the right place to carry out the installation. This article will present you with a complete guide to the installation of home security camera system.

Front door

A majority of burglars are seen to use the “front or main entrance door” to enter the premises. So, it requires that you place the camera at the main entrance. It will assist you to keep a close watch on everyone who comes into the home. Video doorbells are the best security devices for the front door.

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Back and side doors

These doors are out-of-sight. They enable visitors to enter the premises in a disguised way. To ensure complete knowledge of people who leave and enter the house, you would need to add camera to the secondary door. This is very much advised in cases when you use back door frequently than a front door.

Garage and driveway

A camera that points to the driveway or garage keeps a track on bikes, grills, tools, cars, and sports equipment. If the garage is detached, then the camera helps one to remain connected. On the other hand, if the garage is joined, then the added security layer also examines the entryway into the home.


Examining the yard will help in keeping track of the activities performed by kids, trespassers, and animals.

Common areas in the interior of the house

There are a few areas inside the house that needs placement of the camera. These areas can be gathering points such as the living room and kitchen. It is a good way to check the activities of kids, babysitter, pets, cleaning agents and repairmen.

Hallway and Stairway

Other important areas in the house to place cameras are a hallway and stairway that is where most of the people’s activities can be seen.

Areas where you should not install a home security camera

You should not place a home security camera at those places that violate the privacy of your neighbor. Specific laws pertaining to the privacy and cameras vary from one state to another. It is advised to check local laws so as to ensure that you won’t need to undo the installation.

It can arise legal problems if the camera tracks areas where the neighbors expect privacy. You may land up in legal trouble if you place a camera where the bathroom or bedroom of a neighbor can be captured.

Optimize placement of camera for visibility and function

Once you decide the right areas in the house and outside the house to examine, you will now need to make a plan regarding the placement and installation of the security cameras. This is needed to cover the planned regions.

  • Install cameras eight to ten feet above the ground
  • Do not point them at the sun
  • Decide whether you require the camera to be hidden or visible
  • Go for weather proof and waterproof camera


Hope with this information you learned the right way to strategize, install and position your surveillance devices.