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Do you like to be a detective and search for hidden objects? You can now enjoy being deductive in a professional way. Software developers develop different open-source software for users. This software is designed by using C, C++, and Java coding and are established for various purposes. Now, if you have a little knowledge about coding and you understand the use of appropriate software, you can be deductive and earn money. Are you still wondering how? Read the complete article to know how being deductive and investigating C Coding can be fun for you.

After developing the open-source projects, software coding becomes available on several website platforms. These websites offer opportunities to software developers to select the specific project and be the real detective. Here, you need to detect bugs or errors in the software coding. Do you think it’s a difficult task for you? Not at all, you don’t have to be master of C language to do this job; instead, you need to act smarter. Download any code analyzer, such as PVS-Studio. This software is free for open-source developers and is easy to install. You need to understand how to use this software to detect code errors. Now, register yourself to HackerOne, and get your project. Get access to the coding of the project and then detect mistakes by using a code analyzer, PVS-Studio. The analyzer will make an in-depth analysis of each code line and then will highlight the errors in the program code.

The code analyzer selects each code line, checks its syntax and execution conditions. In case the code is correct, it will move to the next life. Otherwise, the analyzer will highlight that code line. However, you need to be extra careful while performing this task because if you do not know anything about coding, then this task may get risky for you. To accomplish your goal, you need to have a complete understanding of the use of a code analyzer. Also, you must have a little knowledge of C coding to understand where the error exists and how that error can affect the software functioning.

Once the analyzer is done investigated the codeof the project, it will highlight the errors or vulnerabilities in the coding. Now make a brief report of what mistakes you found in the project and how that can affect the software functioning. Send that report to the developer via the website or platform, from where you got the plan. The developer will see your statement and will pay you back for doing a great job. You can daily earn hundreds, even thousands, of dollars with your deductive approach. Now, it is up to you that how carefully you analyze the codes and which software do you use as a code analyzer.

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