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In a business, it is important to maintain consistency among the documents. Sometimes though this can get a little tricky, as there are numerous different document types. Errors in documentation, might cost the company both time and money.

However, this problem can be easily tackled with the use of Templafy’s Template Management System.

What is Template Management

Template management is a system that administers all of the document that a company uses, based on a collection of specific templates. Through template management, all employees are able to create the documents they need without spending much effort and time. This results in enhanced productivity, as valuable time isn’t lost in mundane tasks.

Types of Templates

There are two types of templates that are widely used: static and dynamic templates.

Static Templates

Static templates were the initial templates used by every system. They include some basic information, while they also demanded manual input of employee information. Changes to this can only be implemented by admins and the IT department. Moreover, when the changes are finalized, it must distributed manually to the whole company.

Dynamic Templates

Dynamic templates work on user-data and auto-fill the specific employees’ information. They are able to recognize the user, and fill the name, location, and any particular style that this user prefers. This template enhances productivity, by saving a significant amount of time. There is only one central template, that when it is updated, it gets automatically updated for all users. Templafy takes full advantages of dynamic templates.

Benefits of Template Management

Template management offers multiple benefits to the businesses that choose to take advantage of it. The most notable of them are the following:

·         Increase of Productivity

Employees no longer have to look for the right and updated version of the document. Every single thing that a user might need for the document creation is easily accessible in one place. This will save time for the employee and let him dedicate it into more important tasks. Moreover, this system reassures management that all the documents are up-to-date and according to the company’s guidelines.

·         Accessibility of the Templates through the Cloud

Template management has the great advantage that it supports the storage of the company’s templates online. This is usually possible through SaaS systems that make updating of the documents a matter of minutes.

The cloud also enables the accessibility of the documents from remote locations. As employees work more and more from multiple devices and locations, it is essential for a business to implement a system like this.

·         Integration

A template management system can work well with any document applications that your company uses. Having the templates easily accessed on MS Office, Google Docs, and SharePoint, makes the document creation process much quicker.

·         Centralized Administration

One of the most challenging things is the updating of the templates. With Template Management, this problem is easily solved, as all document assets and templated are stored in a single place. Cloud storage equals to real-time saving of the changes, meaning that you no longer need to worry about your employees using outdated resources.

·         Security

One of the most important benefits that template management offers is the control of the access that every user has. This can be particularly important for companies that have multiple locations, and employees working remotely. Through this system, and employee can only access the content that is useful to them.


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