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We often offer gifts to our near and dear ones on various important occasions. You can now choose to offer some eco-friendly gifts and show your respect for the environment and also give an important message to the receiver.

No matter what is the age, sex or status of the receiver of the gift, you can always find some personalized wine totes or some other thoughtful items to offer.

Following are few eco-friendly gift ideas that you can choose to give to your friends or relatives.

  1. Cork coasters for your friend

Those women who always care about preservation of furniture and etiquette will always prefer to slide a coaster below your wine glass or coffee mug.

Most of these coasters may come in cardboard or paper, but if you can surprise her by offering an eco-friendly gift and present her cork coaster set.

Cork is known as most sustainable material on the planet.

2.Potted spices and herbs

Some of your friends may love to cook and by offering fresh spices and herbs, you can really make the person happy.

Potted spices and herbs can be one of the finest eco-friendly gift ideas which will never fail to impress the receiver of the gift.

3. Eco-friendly cosmetic pouch

As you know traveling in any form may take significant amount of toll on the environment, however people try to make genuine efforts in order to reduce the impact.

If your friend loves to travel, then an eco-friendly cosmetic pouch can be the best gift to offer pleasant surprise to him or her.

4. Canvas sports backpack

If your friend is a regularly visits gym and carries all his sports gears in his car trunk then you can choose to gift him heavy canvas sports backpack that can meet his needs as well as provide an eco-friendly personality.

5. Bamboo pen holder

Few people just love to keep their desks well organized both at their workplace as well as at home. You can surprise your friend by gifting him a bamboo penholder so that he can keep all his writing tools at a single place in a sustainable manner.

You cannot find more durable material for this purpose than bamboo which is used in construction, office or home décor, furniture manufacturing, cooking, and also in fashion.

6. Portable power bank

Few people just love to carry their electronic gadgets with them. They often need to keep their battery fully charged while they are on the move so that they can use their mobile phone to check messages or stay connected with others.

So, if you buy any portable power bank for him then it can really be a thoughtful gift.

7. Organic cosmetics and few self-care products meant for woman

Women who have sensitive skin will always appreciate organic type of care and cosmetic products, as such goods never contain common chemicals or preservatives.

Though such products may be little expensive, but they will be worth it.

8. Canvas tote bags set

If your friend loves to do shopping then you can please her by gifting a set of resilient, trustworthy and reusable shopping bags. Handful of canvas tote bag sets having full gusset will be the right item to choose in this case.


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